17 2016 May

Modern Outdoor Fountains Add A Piece Of Nature To My Yard

cascading water fountainI love water fountains and I always wanted to have some for my home. I finally was able to get some in the last few years and I have enjoyed looking at all of the wonderful styles and shapes that are out there. I have some that are definitely my favorite and that remind me of all of the beauty of nature.

I have always been a very outdoorsy person and I enjoy discovering new outdoor adventures that I can take on. I like going on hikes and going into the mountains, going camping and doing other fun outdoor activities. There is so much to be discovered out in nature. I like finding water fountains that remind me of the beauty of nature – fountains that have a natural theme to them.

There is a lovely fountain that I got recently and it is one of my favorite modern outdoor fountains. This fountain features backwoods cascading falls and is in the shape of a large tree stump. The water flows over the tree part of the water fountain, over rugged edges and lines. I love that this fountain reminds me of hiking and skiing out in the backcountry. The fountain gives me endless enjoyment.

10 2016 May

Great Solar Water Fountains Include My Thirsty Dog One

stream of waterI have a very fun and amusing water fountain that I got not too long ago. This water fountain is very unique and everyone has a nice laugh when they see it. It’s a “thirsty dog” solar water fountain and I love that I can put it anywhere I want to because it is solar powered. I found the perfect spot for the water fountain.

My friends and neighbors love the water fountain that I got. It’s a great accent to my backyard and it represents the love that I have for dogs. The water fountain features a thirsty dog eagerly lapping up some water that’s flowing from the fountains. The fountain has lots of personality and I love that you don’t see a fountain like this anywhere else.

The fountain that I have is perfect for giving me the tranquility that I’m looking for in my backyard and also the fun that I’m looking for as well. There has always been a dog in my family and I think that this water fountain represents our family very well. It’s a bronze fountain and it’s fairly large, the dog is a pretty big dog. The dog is made with great detail and the fountain is an awesome addition to our yard. I can’t wait to find more solar water fountains like this one.

3 2016 May

Indoor Decorative Fountains Keep My Home Inviting

indoor lily fountainI love outfitting my home with everything that it needs for a peaceful and serene atmosphere. I like to look for unique decorative touches for my home that keep it warm and ready to be enjoyed after a long day at work or with friends on the weekends. There’s something so wonderful and comforting about indoor water fountains and I like having them in the different rooms of the house.

I especially like the indoor water fountain that I got for my home recently. This water fountain features pretty lily cups and the water flows from cup to cup in a majestic and wonderful way. This water fountain is perfect for my living room and I like keeping it on the coffee table. It gives my living room a soothing atmosphere.

There are many great decorative fountains out there, but this one is definitely my favorite one. I love the bright colors of the fountain and watching the water flow in it. It’s nice to just sit and relax in the living room with the gentle trickling of this water fountain. Indoor decorative fountains add a nice touch to my living room and this lovely water fountain is no exception.

28 2016 Apr

Decorative Outdoor Fountains Can Be Birdhouses

birdhouse fountainLiving in a nice place like here really has its perks. For one thing, we have lovely weather throughout the year. For that reason, I really like decorating my yard and having get-togethers with people. There’s never a day where you can’t go outside, so why not spiff the yard up a bit? I even added a decorative water fountain recently.

What’s great about the fountain is that it actually has a birdhouse on top of it, and there has been a bird nesting there lately. I have a feeling there will be baby birds in it soon! Spring is here, so it’ll be really cute to see little birds peeping in there. This is one of my favorite decorative outdoor fountains out there, that’s for sure.

19 2016 Apr

Indoor Tabletop Fountains Help Create a Zen-like State

indoor tabletop fountainThere’s nothing wrong with bringing the outside, inside. I think a tabletop fountain actually sounds quite charming. Having water trickle calmly down into a tray while enjoying a tasty meal at the dinner table sounds lovely. I think having the fountain in the middle of the dining room table would be very nice.

So when it comes to creating a Zen-like state, I think water fountains are key. And while spending time outside is great, I spend a lot more time inside. So having an indoor fountain would be great, since I could relax a bit more with it around. I think I’ll get one of those indoor tabletop fountains.

8 2016 Apr

Cute Things Like Meerkat Solar Garden Fountains

meerkat solar water fountainI like adding cute and fun things to my yard. From little animal statues to pinwheels and wind chimes, my yard is a place of wonder. I like relaxing in my yard as I gaze at all the fun things around me. And when people walk past my yard on their morning strolls, I always get compliments and smiles.

Getting the right stuff can be tough, though. There’s just so much out there. I tend to go for animals, though, because I’ve always felt close to them. I have a cat that is really attached to me, and I even have a parakeet. And to keep to the animal theme, I got myself one of those cute meerkat solar garden fountains!

29 2016 Mar

Outdoor Water Fountains Are Wonderful and Artistic

cool solar fountainThere’s something about having a water fountain that’s indescribable. I like that I can run my hand through the water as it cascades down into the puddle below. I also like the artistry of the fountain, because they’re always unique. I’m not sure what else to say, because like I said before, it’s hard to describe.

When I go outside, I like staring at my water fountain. It’s solar-powered, so I consider it good for the environment. And when the birds come over to bathe in it, I can’t help but smile. There’s something wonderful about outdoor solar fountains, and I think more people should look into them.

21 2016 Mar

Indoor Decorative Fountains Give Peaceful Vibes

Adagio wall fountainLast week I visited my dentist.While sitting in the waiting room, I noticed this beautiful water fountain on the wall. Sitting there looking at it for some time I realized what a difference there is between having pictures hanging on the wall versus  indoor decorative fountains. When one looks at a picture, the typical reaction is to admire the beauty of it, the content and any other features. This lasts a relatively short period of time and then ones thoughts moves on. The water fountain, on the other hand, captures the senses of both sight and sound and together they cause a very different sensation. The sound and sight of running water is very soothing and calming. This was very evident as I sat there, very relaxed watching the fountain, losing track of time and forgetting where I was. I’m sure this had a similar effect on the other patients in the room. Indoor fountains are the way to go, not only in the dentists’ office, but at home as well.

14 2016 Mar

Maintenance For Outdoor Water Fountains

FCL031Maintenance of all outdoor water fountains is most important if one wants to extend the life of the fountain as well as keeping the water sparkling clean. As we enter the warmer weather and then into the heat of the mid summer all fountains will starting getting algae and other fungae if not treated on a regular basis. Hot weather is the main catalyst for algae growth. As with swimming pools, chlorine is the most popular chemical used to combat any fungus and it it also often used in outdoor fountains. It is a harsh chemical, so the use of an alternative is advised for your fountain. One can use hydrogen peroxide, which is not harmful, or simply pour a cup or two of vinegar into the water and it will be as clear as crystal. Don’t forget to clean the motor every so often, as debris gets into it, affecting it’s performance and lessening the life span over time.

7 2016 Mar

Solar Birdbath Fountain Means Happy Birds

birdbath fountainA wonderful alternative to a regular outdoor fountain, is a solar birdbath fountain. Not only are you adding additional flare and beauty to your backyard, but you are providing a wonderful opportunity for a variety of species of birds to refresh themselves on a daily basis. You will be surprised to see which visitors  you will get and the additional color they will add to garden. Beautiful Blue Jays and bright red Cardinals, to name a few, will become your best friends. I would suggest that the birdbath be placed close to foliage, particularly flowering plants as this will encourage hummingbirds to come by as well.